Casona Palomares Villarrín de Campos


Few areas can presume to have a pantry of food of such variety and quality as Zamora. Quite unique wines, cheese, chorizo, flour, pulses, milk-fed lamb, beef, bell-peppers and wild mushrooms are grown or made in the province, all of which come with their own geographically denominated seals of quality.

Zamora is a region of ancient vines, a long tradition of both cheese and flour production, a history of cattle and agricultural farming, and is blessed with a mountainous area given to the production of quality wild mushrooms.

The five denominations of origin in the province are the DO Queso Zamorano (Zamoran cheese), the three wine DOs of Toro, Tierra del Vino, Arribes and the wine DOP Valles de Benavente. In the case of Queso Zamorano, it is the only cheese DO in the whole of the Castilla y León region and the fifth in Spain.

As for the quality labels related to pulses, the province boasts the Garbanzo (chickpeas) de Fuentesaúco, known and appreciated since Antiquity, and the Lenteja (lentils) de Tierra de Campos, whose quality rests in the ministrations of the local producers. To these can be added the IGP Pimiento (bell-peppers) de Fresno-Benavente.  

Food lovers should make a visit to the restaurant LERA, in Castroverde de Campos a priority.